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Listen, Connect & Share: How Anghami is Becoming One of the Most Unique Social Networking Platforms

Beyond its millions of tracks, the app has become a hustling, bustling meeting place for music fans.

Listen, Connect & Share: How Anghami is Becoming One of the Most Unique Social Networking Platforms

We put our photos on Instagram. We put our little quips on Twitter. We even handover our faces to the absurd (but endlessly hilarious) filters on Snapchat. In short, we put our whole lives on social media, with each and every platform leaning to one of any given facet of our lives – so why not our music?

This is something that the Middle East’s leading music streaming platform, Anghami, has tuned into in ways that few people realise. Beyond its millions of songs, the app has become something of a hustling, bustling social media network that has provided a space that allows for a unique way to for users to connect over that simple joy of music.

At a base level, Anghami can scan your social media accounts and connect you with friends on the app. From there, you can keep tabs on what they’re listening to in the explore page, where you will find stories – not dissimilar to InstaStories – that give you small snippet of the song. You can even react and reply to them, all the while deciding whether you can really be friends with someone who listens to John Mayor every day.


You can stay connected, do some e-socialising and share music through the chat feature, where you can also connect with strangers who share the same tastes – and this is actually where it gets even more interesting, because, honestly, what better gauge is there to judge someone on than their musical tastes?

In the chat feature, you’ll find a Discover People tab. Tapping it will take you to a list of other users who share similar tastes and it goes as far as to give a percentage indicator that that can measure your love of music and see how you are compatible – maybe you can even judge compatibility on your future wife or husband. Maybe.

That’s cool, but it’s not even our favourite feature - the Mixtape Generator is. Solving the age-old issue of who gets top play their music at a party or gathering, the feature lets you essentially combine two different playlists, so you get the best of both worlds.

And so while Anghami is a music streaming platform first and foremost, all of these little nifty features is slowly but surely turning it into much more.

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