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Loco Leggings

With an incredible line of leggings for the surrealist fitness freak, we fell in love with AB Fit. We speak to Colombian Cairene Lina Rodriguez to find out more...

As a general rule, we avoid exercise like the plague and there is little in this world that could lure us to a gym. However, we came across some insane fitness wear that might possibly get us to reconsider the concept of working out just so we have a reason to put on the clothes. AB Fit Clothes, which we stumbled upon on – where else? – Instagram, boasts an insane range of quirky, crazy leggings. We’re talking like purple-jellyfish-print leggings, or ones plastered with cartoons. Now we don’t know about you, but we’re just looking for any excuse to try these out.

The brand was launched just a month ago by Colombian-born Lina Rodriguez, who just wanted to inject a little colour into everyone’s workouts. After living in Egypt for five years, she started to notice that “the market, in terms of exercise, is a bit plain. There’s not a lot of colour,” Rodriguez explains. “I come from a country that’s all about fashion when you’re going to work out.” Inspired, she started bringing over possibly the most eclectic leggings we’ve ever seen. “This collection is all about the craziness,” Rodriguez tells us.

From pants with newspaper clipping prints, to ones with blood splatters, they’re literally the type of fun pieces that’ll make people ask you where you got them from. “I wanted to bring people something a little different – this way they can change up their workout wear and incorporate fashion into fitness,” Rodriguez tells us. Our personal favourite pair of the moment is a Corpse Bride themed pair, depicting Victor Van Dort and Corpse Bride respectively on each leg.

AB Fit Clothes will be expanding its roster of exercise-wear soon enough, currently working on t-shirts and tank tops for women and training pants for guys. For now, you can nab yourself some of these stretchy psychedelics pants for your next yoga workout!

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @ABFitClothes.