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MamaBearNco: The Local Nature-Inspired Home Accessories Paying Tribute to ‘Mama Nature’

And nothing is better than the warm embrace of mama...

MamaBearNco: The Local Nature-Inspired Home Accessories Paying Tribute to ‘Mama Nature’

Founded by dynamic mother-daughter duo, Nihal Albayoumi and Nour El-Kolaly, MamaBearNco is a blooming macrame and woodwork home accessories brand. A partnership based on utilising both women's creative talents to turn raw materials straight from ‘Mama Nature’ into functional objects, they aim to pay tribute to their muse and beautify your home at the same time.

Their latest collaboration this summer was with Fade Hotel and Nina Found Home, decorating the hotel's 'Serenity Suites' interiors with their handmade shell-framed mirrors, macrame wall hangers, timber drawer chests, and log-based lamps, all of which are available for purchase online as individual pieces. 

“MamaBearNco was founded to bring you the home you daydream of, while also contributing to saving the Earth,” El-Kolaly told CairoScene. With Egypt’s deserts, fields, mountains, and seas as inspiration, they create handmade home accessories and decor using things like wood, cotton, shells, and plants. 

Their macrame products range from wall hangers and table runners to carpets and swing chairs that come in different variations and colors, while the wooden products are mainly mirrors, lamps, and side tables, with prices ranging from EGP 450 up to EGP 4000.

Check out more from MamaBearNco on their Instagram and Website.

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