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Mehwar Romeo

This guy's just taken apologies to the next level.

In the best ‘take me back’ gesture we’ve possibly ever seen ever, someone has taken to the Mehwar to express their eternal regret and everlasting love (okay we’ve used a little artistic license to exaggerate a bit here) for a past girlfriend/boyfriend they wronged (now, this is just us but we’re guessing it’s a guy because these grand gestures are usually reserved for men).

The guy (possibly) took out a massive billboard along our infamous highway, and L.S., whoever you are, he LOVES you and he’s SORRY and there’s even a nifty little quote up there about forgiveness. We wonder what he did… Like how bad could it possibly be that he’d be willing to fork over a small fortune to apologise? And, the more pertinent question is, can we expect a follow-up billboard either elaborating on what he did or letting us know how this whole thing turned out?

Aside from the awkward grammar in the last phrase, we have to give this guy props for this move. He has now set the bar for all future apologies for men across the city. Fuck flowers, next time your boyfriend cheats you better expect a goddamn billboard. Also L.S., let us know what you decide.