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'Mind the Gap' at Red Bull's Downtown Skateboarding Contest

Downtown Cairo's Townhouse Gallery will play host to Red Bull's epic skateboarding event, 'Mind the Gap', this Saturday on February 27th.

Cairene skaters can now look forward to what will indisputably be the most lit skateboarding event of the season. This Saturday, February 27th, Red Bull is hosting their ‘Mind the Gap’ skateboarding event, an achingly cool street gap contest taking place in Downtown Cairo’s Townhouse Gallery.

‘Mind the Gap’ will be running on a time open jam format and doesn't have a set start list. The contest is also open and free for all eager skaters and skating fans.

Two judges will pick the winners based on the number of tricks landed, difficulty, style, and trick selection, with prizes given out over multiple categories.

The contest has a cap of 40 skaters, so make sure to register ASAP at