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My Mojo Lounge Foodgasm

Anam Sufi had the good fortune of tasting Mojo Lounge's new breakfast menu, but the misfortune of not wearing loose enough trousers to eat everything she wanted.

Nestled in the heart of Downtown mall in Katameya, is the contemporary hub of fine flavors and modern vibes. Mojo Lounge offers the prime location to indulge in a bit of morning “me” time, especially since its new breakfast menu proves idyllic in terms of titillating your taste buds.

Offering an extensive selection of mouth-watering food, the breakfast menu has something for everyone. Whether you’re feeling Egyptian, French, Spanish, Italian, or American cuisine, Mojo Lounge captures the choicest blend of cultural cuisine.

A mate and I ordered the American and the Italian breakfast sets, along with fresh carrot and apple juice blends. Any food lovers out there will know of the feeling that takes over when you spot your meal coming your way from the corner of your eye, and pretend to act casual about the fact that a mountain of culinary greatness is making its way towards you. This was surely one of those experiences. When our plates were placed before us, we were met with a combination of delicious aromas and a chic presentation of eggs, mushrooms, oven-roasted potatoes, sausages, and baked beans. Luckily, at Mojo Lounge, what you get is what you see, and in this case, consider it to be the epitome of scrumptiousness.

The waiters wore beaming smiles that contributed to the amiable environment of the restaurant. Celebrating the spirit of Christmas, children played around the sparkling lights of a Christmas tree in the corner, while parents and groups of Cairo’s cool cats erupted in playful laughter over their respective shisha pipes and meals. The clean set up, hasty service, and modern furnishing exudes an atmosphere that feels out of touch with Egypt. Not to belittle our glorious country in any way, but sitting at Mojo Lounge felt like I could be seated at one of any quaint Parisian cafes that litter the streets of France.

My friend and I were sure to take note of the hip placement mats as well, modern collages of social media images, presented in the style of American print adverts from the 1960s.

Upon completing our meals we considered topping off the foodgasm with an over-indulgence of “Guilty Pleasures” (literally, that’s what it’s called on the menu). But unfortunately, as small women, and having finger licked our main meals, we simply couldn’t fit in an order of buttermilk pancakes with bananas, walnuts, and maple syrup. Alas! The one that got away…

While leaving, I took note of a blackboard that was stationed outside of Mojo Lounge. It read; “We Are Open Until You Leave.” I took a second to consider the implications of such a promise, and decided I need to invest in looser pants.

Find out more about Mojo's Lounge on their Facebook page here and follow @MojosCairo on Twitter.