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This Initiative Is Revolutionising the Education Game in Egypt

The unique tutoring initiative will be starting on the 17th of October.

Education is the corner stone of an individual’s future.

No matter how many times we hear this sentence - or some variation of it - uttered, it always rings loud and true in the ears of both parents and students. Unfortunately, receiving a proper education in Egypt is a costly and stressful process for parents and children alike.

With private and international school fees on the rise, more parents are struggling to provide their children with the means necessary to raise them into creative, aware individuals.

More modest families, whose children often attend public schools, receive little to no attention to their individual needs, and may spend fourteen-years of their lives in an education system that teaches them nothing of value.

MO4 Network's corporate social responsibility department, #MO4Good, and its generous partners are hoping to change the education game in Egypt to favour less privileged families with a one-of-a-kind tutoring initiative that might just provide preparatory students with the skill set they need in order to both challenge themselves and face the world later on in their lives.Nawarny is a concept that incorporates one of INJAZ Egypt’s core programmes, along with a new idea #MO4Good is introducing; Nawarny’s founding principle is that everyone has the right to a proper education regardless of their circumstances. 

The programme is divided into two parts in the span of five weeks: the first one-hour session, from INJAZ Egypt’s Discover Yourself programme, focuses on self-development, decision-making and reflection, while the second hour session focuses on improving the student’s spoken and written English. The division aims to prepare a student who is aware of his/her capabilities and shortcomings, as well as fluent in English, the current global language, that will help him/her communicate and express themselves better in every country and not just in Egypt. 

The program will work with forty students, twenty in each classroom, who are the sons and daughters of partner Uber drivers who are often aware of how important a quality education is for their kids’ future, but aren’t financially able to provide.

Orcas will be providing experienced tutors who will also receive extra training by INJAZ for the first part of the class. Always seeking to empower and encourage innovation, the  GrEEk Campus was also very generous, providing classroom spaces completely free of charge for the students’ use.

Along with Molto, Twinkies, Todo, HoHos, Bake Rolls, Bake Stix, Mimix, and Freska's Momma company Etida, which will be providing snacks for the kids during their breaks.

Needless to say, the sessions are completely free of charge and are based on the students’ commitment to the five-week program which launches on October 17th

With the programme’s attention to individual needs and encouragement of creative and critical thinking, Nawarny will be starting a whole new playing field in the education game in Egypt, and we can’t wait to write about the exquisite results.

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