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New Hard Rock Band Firehood to Make Their Debut at CJC This Month

A newly-formed band involving some of Cairo’s best musicians in one of the city’s best watering holes on December 8th - perfection.

When we first heard the name Firehood we were lost; we'd never heard of them before. We searched the Internet; zilch. What is this madness, CJC, booking a band that no one's ever heard before! Well, when they put us in touch with Adham Roshdy we found out the method behind the madness. Although this is a new band, the members are all experienced musicians; actually, some of the best the city has to offer. Each member – including frontman Roshdy – has been playing music for a very long time with a multitude of different established bands. Roshdy himself has played with several bands including Spunky Dynamite, and Adham Roshdy & The Wave Jazz Band.The band is made up of lead vocalist Nelly Cassis, lead vocalist and bassist Adham Roshdy, Rami Sedki on guitars, Sherif Elias on keyboards, and Marwan Wahid on drums. Wahid plays in The Cadillacs, Funk-off, Nour Project, and Shady Ahmed band; Cassis is a solo artist associated with a lot of jazz and blues projects; Elias plays with various bands including Scarab and Funk-off; and finally Sedki plays with Wyvern, Shady Ahmed band, and more. 

Set to make their performance debut at the popular watering hole on Thursday the 8th of this month, we couldn’t be more stoked to hear them play – a hard rock band covering AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Kiss, Queen, and many more, with top notch musicians and vocalists, ensuring an amazing experience.

Check out CJC's event page here.