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Nina Bakry Body Jewelry

There might be too many young accessories to name in Cairo right now, but Nina Bakry's unique aesthetic takes body bling to the next level. We speak to designer to find out more.

So in the hungry hours of our fasting days, you can imagine we spend many an hour mindlessly looking through Facebook, scrolling through Instagram, day dreaming about burgers, smelling other people's second-hand cigarette smoke… Wait, we've gone off topic. Anyway, during those hours we came across a kick-ass new accessory brand by the name of Nina Bakry Body Jewelry. Initially we thought the term 'body jewelry' was mildly redundant/pointless (well, duh, jewelry goes on your body) but once we saw the pieces, we realised it was the perfect term because the line doesn’t just have basic earrings and cute rings, but these elaborate and gorgeous pieces that decorate a part of your body you never thought to accessorise, really. Think a snaking leaf-like piece running up your back or the equivalent of a cuff for your shin.

The line, recently started by its namesake Nina Bakry is an amalgamation between pieces which scream boho I-live-on-the-beach hippie, and pieces which have a bold, armor-like feel to them. Working in theatre production resulted in Bakry spending a lot of time in Khan El Khalili, browsing the accessory-laden stalls, and going to werash to acquire pieces for her job. Eventually, she decided to drop production, studied at the Azza Fahmy workshop for a semester and the rest is history. And her line, which you can buy via Facebook or visit her workshop in Zamalek, seems to reflect something of her stage background, the pieces being almost theatrical in nature. "I feel like jewelry doesn’t have to be just a simple earring; it can really make a statement," Bakry says, and her pieces are definitely statement-makers.

So far, we're seeing a decisive rift between rings encrusted in precious and semi-precious stones in gorgeous hues, that in our current state, remind us of Popsicles, and pieces which would not be out of place on the set of a movie about Greek gods; a wreath-like headpiece we can't wait to get our hands on, chunky, gold-plated, layered arm cuffs, we plan on pairing with the Grecian goddess gown we're buying just to match them, and a really cool, sort of like shin cuff? But though the current pieces are, "a little bit gladiator," by Bakry's definition, she also says the direction of the brand "just keeps on changing." Of the future of the line, Bakry says "at some point I'd really like to sort of make each collection inspired by the history of a different country." Well, she's got Greece down.

The cool thing about this brand is the pieces are genuinely unique; it's not the repeated jewelry you see everywhere – in fact, it's not even pieces we're sure we've seen outside of the Game of Thrones set. But they're gorgeous, creative and we want some. We're currently coveting a seriously cool bronze ear cuff that looks like our ear is in bloom and we love it. 

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @nina_bakry.