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Planit: Not Just a Journal

Is it a diary? Is it a notebook? Is it the agenda that's going to change your life? All of the above.

Year after year, we start our 365 cycle by making a whole load of resolutions and promises, which we consequently, never keep. I will get fit! I will eat only healthy food! I will definitely organise my giant mess of a closet! I will read all the books I bought last year and have just been sitting on my shelf collecting dust. Yeah. Right. As if. But 2015 might – might – just be the year all that changes.

Planit, a new product to hit Cairo, is a nifty little planner. Except it’s more than that. The funky notebooks are made to help you organise your life and achieve your goals for the year. In the cutest way possible. With their pages filled with everything from world maps to yearly calendars and bucket lists to coloured mind maps, if anything’s gonna inspire you to get organised, it’s this. And if it doesn’t, it looks awesome and you should get it anyway.

You can check out their Facebook page here.