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QUIZ: Which Egyptian Cinema Mom Do You Have?

All we need is a few details and we'll tell you which star from Egyptian cinema is your mother most like.

Egyptian cinema is filled with mother figures who have become archetypes of motherhood in their own right. Is your mother chill? Or is she a worrier? Does she make large family dinners or does she think spaghetti and fries is food of the Gods? Either way, they love us and you love her, even if sometimes they can be a little hard to handle.

What does your Mum do when you're late coming home?

What does your Mum do when you lock yourself in your room?

If she sees you with a girlfriend/boyfriend, she...

When your Mum and Dad fight, what happens?

If she finds out you have a tattoo she will...

What will she do if you ask her for money?