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Red Sea Governorate Launches First Electric Green Bus Line

The Red Sea governorate is getting a new bus line between El Gouna and Dahar, which will run on electricity and natural gas.

After banning single-use plastics for good in 2019, the Red Sea government is coming out with another environmentally-friendly initiative—electric public transportation. Out with the trash, and in with the green buses!

The governor of the Red Sea, Major General Amr Hanafi, announced the operation of the first public transport bus in the governorate that runs on electricity and natural gas. The experimental operational launch of the El Gouna – Dahar line is part of a broader plan to develop the public transportation system with greener fuels.

This electric bus is the latest model produced by the Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles (MCV). It has the capacity to hold about 80 people with speeds of up to 77 kilometres per hour.