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Ribery Dances in Dubai

French footballing star Frank Ribery seems to have gotten lost in Dubai, finding himself in an awkward dance circle.

We're used to seeing Bayern Munich's star winger Frank Ribery show off some spectacular skills on the field, tormenting opposition with his God-like footwork. We wish we could say the same for his footwork off the field but this unfortunate video released suggests otherwise.

The Frenchman was in Dubai along with a few other world-class players and football personalities to attend the Dubai International Sports Conference at the end of December which aims to "Empower the Future of Football."

At some point during his trip, it seems he got lost and found himself in a dance circle holding sticks and doing simulation poops on the ground, otherwise known as a traditional Yowla dance, with a bunch of traditionally dressed Emiratis. YOLO! 10 out of 10 for effort and commitment, but it'll be hard to erase the image out of our heads the next time he scores a wonder goal... unless he uses his new found dancing skills as a celebration, then kudos Mr. Ribery.