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Rotaract Ramadan Charity Drive

The Rotaract Club of Nile Palace is collecting donations for a Ramadan meal campaign to make sure that the less fortunate are fed this holy month. You can help too! Find the details and their contacts here.

Ramadan is a great many things. It's a month of starvation and soup. Mosalsalat and way too many sharbat-soaked desserts. But one of the most important elements of this month is giving back, channeling your inner Mother Teresa and doing some good. We know that for the most part of the year, the endless beggars tapping on your window become background noise, an unfortunate corollary of the rampant poverty in our country, but for this one month, let's try and bring the needs of the less fortunate to the foreground.

This year, the do-gooders of the Rotaract Club of Nile Palace are planning to distribute food packages for the duration of Ramadan, as well as daily hot Iftar meals to people in rural areas of Egypt such as Ezbet El Walda, Beni Suef and others. Rotaract is a worldwide NGO with over 184,000 members across the globe that works to organise community activities to help lower income individuals. Though Rotary clubs sponsor them, the organisations manage and fund their clubs independently – which essentially means, they need help from the people in their community who can afford to pitch in. The Nile Palace Club is just one of many clubs in existence, just yknow, being good Samaritans and doing their part for the community. In the past they've organised clothes drives, renovated a primary school, and put together other activities such as yoga classes where the proceeds all go to charity.

This year, for Ramadan, they're hoping to raise enough money to distribute 500 supply bags, and 75 meals a day. Just to put things into context for you, one supply bag costs 60 LE and can sustain a family of four for two weeks. That's not even the price you pay for a single drink. In fact, we can bet an average meal out costs you twice that amount. So. Pull out your Gucci wallets – out of your Marc Jacobs handbag – and play a part in feeding an entire family. You can donate as much as you like, any contribution is welcomed.

For donations contact: 01006214888 – 01112544330

You can check out the Rotaract Club of Nile Palace's Facebook page here