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Saudi Couples Get Counseling

A new mandatory government programme will see couples taking obligatory courses before they get married.

Saudi couples are set to receive to government sanctioned relationship tips in a bid to tackle the country's divorce crisis. The news comes after it emerged that more than 80 Saudi couples are heading for splitsville every DAY. The new marriage training is designed to help engaged couples to acquire the skills needed for a healthy relationship and building a family.

Pre-marriage rehabilitation co-ordinator Fouad al-Jugaiman said: “No one can deny the importance of training for married life, and its impact on reducing the rates of divorce cases.” According to Jugaiman, divorce rates in Malaysia declined “from 32 percent to only seven percent,” after introducing a similar programme.

The exact details of the training course, which is set to be rolled out over two years, are yet to be released. “Around 100,000 marriage contracts are issued every year,” Jugaiman added, explaining that 1,000 qualified trainers will be deployed to cities and towns across Saudi Arabia to train soon-to-be wedded couples.