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27 Insane Car Price Hikes in Egypt

You will never guess how much a Nissan Juke's price went up by! #SceneSe3rScare

It's been the broken record playing all across the country lately: the price of the dollar is unfathomably high and unstable. What used to be 8 EGP/dollar is now playing in the 18 EGP/dollar range. As a result, practically everything from tomatoes to iPhone 7s are facing drastic increases in prices. Prices are becoming so insane that many people are even getting ready for a complete boycott on the 1st of December. Because we know it's not always easy to monitor all the different spikes in prices, we're helping you out by introducing our new weekly series #SceneSe3rScare, where we will be breaking down products by categories and listing them out for you in an easy and simple format that helps keep track of everything. 

Remember how you could easily buy a decent car below the 100,000 LE mark and how you would be able to easily get Beamer or a Benz in the 300k region? Yeah, you can forget about that. How would you feel if we told you that a Hyundai Elantra now goes for more than a BMW 318i back in April? *Drops mic and lets out a loud shakhra backstage*.