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Shabby Chic Shop: Tumblr in Real Life

Some of the cutest, Instagrammable and downright Tumblr-like home furnishings and accessories are having us oohing and ahhing over at Shabby Chic Shop.

We’re the first to admit we’re suckers for the whole boho-chic furniture thing - you know, faded blue wood and vintage floral prints? Like cool granny meets free spirited bohemian wood sprite. Stuff that makes girls’ voices go up a decibel level and prompts an instant “it’s soooo pretty.” We don’t even care that it’s been done, we don’t care that often the stuff is overpriced – it’s so damn cute.

The most recent, totally adorable, insanely Instagrammable brand to join the ranks of cuteness is Shabby Chic Shop, which just opened up its (surely, rustic, rose printed and Tumblr-worthy) doors in Zamalek. The store is so painfully cute it hurts and every piece is perfectly, as per its name, shabby chic. A little worn down – but on purpose of course – pinks, blues and floral prints dominate, but pastel colours always welcome, and there are dainty prints everywhere you turn.

The store’s got everything from furniture and home accessories, to fabrics and wallpaper that looks like it was ripped off the walls of a quaint and charming inn from the 60s. They’ve even got possibly the most adorable table wear ever, like teacups that are equal parts seven-year-old tea party and high tea with the Queen. If high tea with the Queen was, y’know, a seriously bohemian flower child affair.

The store’s aim is to link past and present – in the cutest way possible naturally. While they’ve officially set up shop in Zamalek, they’ll also be showcasing some of their pieces at Galleria40’s Christmas Bazaar so you can get your hands on them there as well. A certain sexy Santa has even been round to their shop to pick up the pieces being featured. Holiday adorableness ensues.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @shabby_chic_shop