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Soul: Furniture That's Soulovely

Soul's interior accents transform the house that mom decorated when you were one into something you won't be embarrassed to be seen in. Sorry, mom.

What is a house if it is not a home? So deep. Anyway, if you don’t know the difference, then we have nothing to say to you. You might as well live in a dustbin. Back to our point: it’s all about the design when it comes to building a home - Soul gets us. Soul’s brand aesthetic is based on simplicity and elegance,  “Imagine this: we have a plain circle; the beauty is seeing this simple circle transform into a feeling of beauty,” Soul Owner Nora Ghozzi enlightens us. “The same applies with a simple room with a modern, minimalistic interior - it can feel quite hollow. Adding a unique piece here and there can transform the energy into a feeling of richness and cosiness.”“The inspiration came from a spiritual side,” Ghozzi tells us. “I began seeing beauty in everything around me, and started to see the potential of simple things transforming into warm positive vibrations. I see colours, patterns, shapes, sizes, walls, floors, and textures as art. Combining art is the design where the energy flows.” The name of the brand says it all, and truly reflects what Nora Ghozzi stands for. When put together, their contemporary pieces create eye candy. You’ll feel like that fat kid from Willy Wonka who wants all the chocolate - except that feeling will be towards the furniture.

“I've always had this passion for arts and music; each piece created has its own personality and mood,” Ghozzi reveals. “Soul is a vibration for your space.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves; your house reflects who you are, and that is what Soul aims to help you achieve. From lighting, to book shelves, to paintings, Soul will truly capture your soul - get it? Get it? Anyways, look out for their new collection on the 15th of March; we definitely will!

Check out their Facebook page here and Instagram here.