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Stationery Gets Spiritual

Frog is an all-new stationery and home accessories brand that features biblical quotes with quirky characters and illustrations…

Whilst Islamic art is regularly adapted for commercial use in these parts, this is probably the first time we've seen a range of products specifically inspired by the Coptic faith and the Bible. Frog is a range of home accessories and stationery that expresses the Coptic heritage through a diverse collection of fun and quirky illustrations. Launched in 2013, the brand's name is derived from the Copts' use of the frog as a symbol for the resurrection, a symbol also used to mean 'renewal' in ancient Egypt.

Many of the notebooks feature phrases from the Bible in Arabic, along with cute animal drawings, which make for the perfect pious gift. And if you've ever been hard pressed to find Christmas cards in Egypt, rejoice, as Frog has a whole range of them.