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Suprême Eats

We ventured over to Café Suprême flagship location in Korba for a little fun and a lot of food in the sun.

Having not been to Korba since the political uproar took over the country once more, the CairoScene team decided to go for lunch at Café Suprême on a Friday afternoon. We arrived at the beautiful café located in El Thawra Street with the lovely September weather in our favour. The café has a beautiful outdoors platform that looks directly at El Korba and its own parking lot, which is great since we all know how big of a pain parking in Cairo can be. Inside there was some light music playing in the background, as opposed to your usual Egyptian café that blasts music so loud you can’t hear the person next to you. The place was absolutely spotless and the desserts in the fridge looked fresh and delightful.

We sat down and after taking one look at the menu, we knew it was going to take us forever to decide on what to eat. Everything looked absolutely delicious. They had a wide variety of appetizers, pastas, pizzas and main courses. After a lot of pondering, a little arguing and asking the waiters for their recommendations, we decided we’d try the shrimp konafa and the mozzarella sticks as appetizers. A short 10 minutes later, our food had arrived. The appetizers were set on a plate of fried glass noodles and the mozzarella sticks had come with onion rings and hash browns and all of it was fried to perfection. The shrimp konafa, which came with sweet and sour sauce, was crunchy on the outside and impeccably chewy on the inside. The food wasn’t at all greasy, which has become a norm at most eateries nowadays. It was light and scrumptious and came with an assortment of dips and sauces. 


Our main course, which arrived shortly after we’d devoured our appetizers, took us by surprise. The Grilled Salmon was cooked perfectly; it was beautifully pink and came with a side of potato waffles (WAFFLES MADE OUT OF POTATOES, YUM!) and Ratatouille vegetables. The only thing better than a side of veggies is a side of veggies which reminds you of a Disney film. The meal also came with a nice, zesty lemon sauce on the side. The Beef Stroganoff, which smelled heavenly, came in a bowl with a side of white rice. We’ve tried this dish in many places before but never as delicious as the one we had that day. 


Overall, the service was impeccable, the waiters were friendly, our food arrived with perfect timing and our tummies left full to the brim. We felt we were on a food high the rest of the day. Everything was perfectly cooked; nothing was greasy or unhealthy and the ice tea actually tasted like tea, rather than the usual watered-down sharbat you have in most cafes.

Café Suprême is definitely one of CairoScene’s favourites now and we recommend it to any of you who want the café experience with the option of some great food.

Find out more about Café Suprême on their Facebook page here and follow @CafeSupremeEG on Twitter for your chance to win a free cup of coffee every day.