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Sussing Out the Most Scintillating Scents By Local Brands

From sweet summer scents to astonishingly bold aromas, you won’t want to turn your nose up at these perfumes by local brands.

If you’re a perfume connoisseur in Cairo, we’ve got just the list for you. From sweet summer scents to astonishingly bold aromas, you won’t want to turn your nose up at these perfumes by local brands. 

FOREST | Norshek

If you were the girl who wore Abercrombie fierce in high school then Norshek’s ‘forest’ perfume is right up your alley. A woody and musky blend, this unisex perfume borders on cologne in the opening, but dries down to a sweet woody note that lingers all day long. 

JULIETTE | Go Natural

To be completely honest, we were drawn to the pretty pink packaging prior to the sweet floral scent, and that’s on us for ‘mean girling’ our way through this list in the first place. Jokes aside, an ode to the divine feminine - tragic Shakespearean denotations aside - this perfume is as fairy queen as it gets. 

VIGOUR | Hathor

Keeping it classy and pristine for this next one because Hathor’s perfumes are serving rich mistress meets cartoon villain and we’re most definitely not mad about it. Vigour is their strongest of scents, a Tom Ford Tobacco-Vanille adjacent if you will, and ultimately, your portal to all-things Harry Styles daydreams.


Sometimes we want to smell like cupcakes. If you’re the girl that is a literal gourmand daydream personified - in every ethereal sense of the word - then Bubblz’s ‘Vanilla Crush’ is for you. 

TROPICAL ISLAND | Shea Body Boutique

Alexa! Play ‘Island Gyal’ by Raja! All puns-intended, if your summers entail Pina Coladas and pretending you’re marinating in tanning oil on the shores of Bali, then fret no more because Shea Body Boutique’s ‘Tropical Island’ has got you covered.  

ENERGIZING BODY MIST | Sensera Aromatherapy

If this caught your attention then something is telling us that you’re just that girl. You wake up at the crack of dawn, make your oat matcha lattes - because coffee is for weaklings - and you’re on that yoga mat planking by 5:20. Are we wrong? Anyways this therapeutic blend of essential oils will have you on top of your to-do list all the while smelling fresh and cute.