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Tala Laundry: Adulthood Made Easier

Tala Laundry collects, washes, and delivers your laundry so you never have to grow up. Ever.

We all know the drill: you graduate college, get a decent job, get your own place, and that’s it – you're all grown up. That makes you a responsible adult, right? Wrong. The true measure of a person’s success is how nice they smell on a weekday, and judging by the lingering foul smells of Cairo’s metros, very few people actually have it in them!

Godly cleanliness is no longer a secret – and we're not talking about showering, because anybody can shower, so it’s hardly an accomplishment. Believe it or not, clean carpets and fresh sheets are just as important because we smell of our homes and beds; it’s a whole new ball game! But, fret not, because our city has been complete with a full service laundry for quite some time now! Tala Laundry, which has laundered the city’s finest 5-star hotel threads, now deigns to wash your dirty underwear and God-knows-what-stained sheets, carpets, and curtains! Everything from steam ironing to dry/wet cleaning, and the best part is that they deliver and collect; it’s basically like being a five-year-old all over again!

You no longer have to live with the knowledge that your makwagy’s DNA is all over your shirt, or that you reek of your two-month-old sheets. 

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Photography by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.
Islam El Omar.