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The Best Christmas Movies For Everyone

All year, you have been waiting to watch the Christmas movies, but at 40°C in summer it just didn't feel right. The time is now, and here are our best picks for every viewer...

Christmas Movies For Hopeless Romantics

Who should watch? People with the sole purpose of spending Christmas with a special someone who either locating the closest mistletoe or spending the holidays crying on the couch because it feels like they'll be forever alone.

What to watch? The Holiday, Love...Actually

Why watch? There is nothing, we repeat, nothing cheesier than a thick English accent speaking about love at Christmas. There is also something strangely satisfying about Kate Winslet giving the worst performance of her life in a movie that has literally no point but to promote Christmas and love, even unrequited love. At least Love...Actually warms the coldest of hearts. Those who believe Christmas is all about that special someone and love a good romance will enjoy these cheese-grated movies.

Christmas Movies For The Stoners

Who should watch? Movie geeks watching one movie after the other may want to switch it up a notch at Christmas time. Luckily for them, there has been a lot of movies that have initially nothing to do with Christmas but take place in December so they pass as a holiday movie.

What to watch? Just Friends, Gremlins, Friday after Next

Why watch? Before he was famous, Ryan Reynolds played a super fat high school kid that falls in love. After he becomes hot, he tries again with his puppy love, having Anna Faris in tow. You may think this doesn't sound like a Christmas movie, just as much as a city invaded by carnivorous teddy bears, but there is lots of snow, Christmas songs and lights.

Christmas Movies For The Little Ones

Who should watch? Quite frankly, families. Christmas is a time for family, so most pictures produced around Christmas time are made to be enjoyed for young and old.

What to watch? The Polar Express, Home Alone, A Christmas Story

Why watch? These pictures are all centered around children which is why kids will enjoy it. However, we refuse to believe these were actually made for children. How good is Kevin MacCallister's plan to kick some thieves' butt or Ralphie waiting for Santa? Even adults will enjoy these heart-warming movies.

Christmas Movies For Sad People

Who should watch? The year has been tough and you need a good laugh? Watch these Christmas movies and the laughter will hopefully make a difference in your life.

What to watch? Christmas With The Kranks, Elf, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Why watch? Because it's time you laugh die of laughter, not heart-break!

Christmas Movies For People Who Like Surprises

Who should watch? There is a group of people out there who would literally try anything. These people have seen it all and there will be few things that can still make them think "WTF????"

What to watch? Christmas Evil, Santa Claus (1959)

Who should watch? Originally called You Better Watch Out, you can only guess what unexpected hilarity will await you watching a movie that centers around a psychotic killer spending the holiday punishing the naughty as Santa Claus. Or how about a movie about Santa from Outer Space that fights a demonic opponent  aiming to ruin Christmas by killing Santa and "making all the children of the Earth do evil"? If you feel there's nothing you haven't seen, maybe consider seeing these movies.

Christmas Movies For Those Who Like A Fun Adaptation

Who should watch? You like the classic Christmas stories but don't want to watch the same film over and over again.

What to watch? The Nativity Story, The Muppets Christmas Carol

Why watch? These classical Christmas stories have been turned into movies a bunch of times: Ebernezer Scrooge has been played by Bill Murray, Jim Carrey and Tori Spelling, of all people, however, Michael Cain does a good job of bringing this character to life surrounded by thousands of puppets. And let's not forget the story of Jesus aka the child's birth we are actually celebrating at Christmas, just in case you forgot.