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The Boobie Ban

Bad boyfriends could soon find themselves in a fondling-free zone thanks to a new love detector bra. However, we've already come up with an idea for an upgrade.

They say that love is blind. Which is just as well if you've spent the past 10 minutes trying to remove your would-be lover's bra only to find it impossible because frankly...she's just not that into you. Underwar manufacturer Ravijour has engineered a concept bra that only comes undone when ‘true love’ is detected using a built-in heart monitor.

The company claims that the heartbreaking technology (which also requires a smartphone...of course) can detect whether a woman has feelings for her partner based in a rise in heart rate, which apparently means love. Aside from ruining one night stands, break-up, make-up and sex with your ex - the bra's Japanese inventors have missed a groundbreaking feature in their design.

Many male CairoScene readers will be left wondering whether this new fangled boobie-buggy will be any more difficult to undo than much of the modern underwear sold in your nearest mall. After all, many a would-be Casanova has "allegedly" been left red faced while attempting to fumble his way through an awkwardly placed clasp... at the dark - only to have his partner laugh at his efforts before making the move look like child's play.

With this in mind, perhaps the firm should include a software upgrade which includes a stress-free self removing bra which helpfully pops off once a ladies heart has been set a flutter making life easier and a HELL of a lot less awkward for all involved. #justsayin.