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The CairoScene Juice Cleanse

We've got a fancy new Hurom juicer in our office, and took it as a chance to try out a juice cleanse. This is what went down...

Life and work at CairoScene takes you to a lot of places. There is the odd restaurant opening which seldom serves salads and veggies, and then there are the numerous parties that are definitely not increasing our chances to live to 100. As a result of our fun, yet slightly health-damaging lifestyle which, of course, doesn’t stop after hours, we decided to do a juice cleanse. Doctors advise to do it for three days, and at CairoScene we do not fear a challenge. Hence, we got ourselves the best juicer on the market that promises the healthiest juice and embarked on a cleanse that allowed nothing but the freshly squeezed fruits and veggies coming from the Hurom juicer.

The Hurom juicer is unique in technology and efficiency. Since it slowly presses the juice out of fruits and vegetables without heating ingredients up, none of the enzymes and vitamins so vital for all of our diets get lost in the machine. With this quiet gadet, our blend of juice was basically a large fruit basket compressed into one cup, including all of the goodness, excluding all the fibres. And despite sounding like this perfect kitchen addition will make us suffer (because: when is being healthy ever fun?), the desire to get all toxins out of our system and get a boost in energy, beauty and, of course, health, convinced us to give this miracle juicer a try.

On day one, our spirits were very high. The thought of not eating and drinking anything but the delicious juice creations the Hurom juicer’s recipe book suggested was haunting, however, as the first juice touched our lips, the quest did not seem too impossible anymore. The Hurom juicer makes one hell of a juice. We are talking freshly-squeezed, no added sugar juice that is as healthy as it gets without tasting like the medicines that usually promises the same results. Seldom does something taste healthy and good but our slow juicer made us a fresh blend of all the fruits and veggies that will flush out all of our toxins.

We start off with a fusion of apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, lime, and ginger. The oddly green colour doesn’t look inviting but tastes delicious. Which ingredient it tastes like is impossible to say because there are quite a few in there. We can’t believe the result is healthy. After the third juice we get a small rumble in our stomachs as our bodies craved some chicken or beef but then again, our bodies keep calling for booze and French fries all the time as well which is what got us in this position in the first place. By the end of day one we may want pizza but we want health even more.

Day two starts with the expectation that it will only get harder from here. It’s either the seriously tasty juices or our body realising that something very good is happening that make this a walk in the park. One of the juices we go for includes beets and carrots. It turned out very quickly that we are still not tired of juice even on the second day. Maybe it’s the Hurom juicer adding a secret ingredient to the blends but fruit and veggies have never tasted better. After studying the Hurom juicer’s manual and recipe book we came to realise it’s the slow pressing which uses no heat that makes for this great taste.

On the third day, we actually woke up a lot easier. Yes, we knew that 24 hours later we would be indulging in some chewable food but the difference in energy and our complexion is already visible. Evidently, our bodies didn’t just flush out toxins; it also got rid of whatever caused tired expressions, extra weight and pimples on our faces. We suddenly felt as fresh as the juices we’ve been drinking. On our last day, one of our juices includes broccoli, said to be a true “super food.” And it sure is. The three day juice cleanse has transformed our bodies, and the Hurom juicer has transformed our eating habits.

While it felt good to chew on a piece of actual food the next day, we vowed to keep the juices coming. There is more than one reason for that: a glass of juice a day equals eating the vitamins and nutrients of a fruit and veggie basket, our chances to live longer and disease free dramatically improve, our skin lights up, we have more energy, weight loss is fuelled and… it’s really freaking delicious. There is really no reason why the Hurom juicer isn’t present in every kitchen and a glass of freshly-squeezed juice isn’t on everybody’s diet. The Hurom juicer has become a firm part of our diets even after the juice cleanse, and with refreshed organs and a smile on our face we are looking forward to a much longer life, looking better, feeling fitter and indulging healthier. And for those days when being healthy seems really no fun at all, that manual tells us, the Hurom juicer also makes cocktails and ice cream…   

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