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The Garden's Lucky Star

Get 50% off your party's bill on your birthday at The Garden!

Though your excursions thus far to The Garden may have been solely alcohol-fuelled, because the nightspot has mastered the art of nocturnal antics, if you’ve dined there before, then you know they also have amazing food. Anyway, Heliopolis’ most happening spot of the moment is clearly a big proponent of celebrating birthdays – if you’re at The Garden during your birthday, they’ll be giving you 50% off your bill. Not just you either, your whole table! You know what this means right? Start calling up everyone who has a birthday in February, who you haven’t spoken to in five years and stopped wishing a happy birthday two years ago, and tell them you guys should go celebrate at The Garden. And then order ridiculous amounts of food and booze, secretly tell the waiter it’s their birthday, and act surprised when you find the bill arrives with a 50% discount. BAM! Or, like, be normal and go on your birthday or a friend’s birthday that you know is coming up. 

Also, despite how they’ve chosen to promote this offer, this awesome birthday deal is in no way related to Star Wars, George Lucas, or lightsabers.