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The Grass Is Bound To Be Greener At Mountain View iCity

Egypt is finally taking a spin on architecture and modernising residential housing – yes, you finally get to embrace nature.

You know what we need in Egypt? Wait, no; don't answer that question. We're going to recant it before finding ourselves foot-in-mouth. Cairo's a city that's always been building upward in awkward clusters of buildings, each one standing at a different height. The result? Six buildings' worth of people leaving to work at the same time every morning from the exact same street, causing the poetic chaos that is Cairene traffic. Ah, Cairo. Perhaps that's why people are finally starting to think straight, build out, and develop residential areas that actually involve grass! Well, at least that's what's happening with this new project, anyway.

Foreign investor Sisban – a major Saudi investment company – is combining forces with Mountain View and, alongside the Ministry of Housing's New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), has revealed a new and innovative $3.6 billion project: Mountain View iCity. Unlike the standard buildings that line Cairo's streets - even the fancy schmancy ones - iCity, set to be established in New Cairo City, will look more like a typical American neighbourhood; that means homes that are apartment-sized but designed like villas, each with their own parking space, front yard full of greenery, and an entrance. This new development will focus on providing modern residential housing that'll allow people to maintain a high-quality standard of living while not necessarily breaking the bank.“Today we are reaping the benefits of the Egypt Economic Development Conference in Sharm El Sheikh,” Egyptian Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development Dr. Mustafa Madbouly said. “This project reaffirms the confidence investors have in every facet of the Egyptian economy, and especially in the real estate sector, one of the pillars of our national economy.” Not only does this project target foreign investors, it also serves the Egyptian economy in that it'll provide 200,000 job opportunities from its inception through to its finalisation and opening.

While we're excited to see the potential of foreign investment in the Egyptian economy, as well as an abundance of job opportunities in the country, we're probably most ecstatic about the No Car Zone these guys are implementing to separate human traffic from automotive traffic. Yes, there' a 'no cars allowed' area where people can walk - freely! - without fear of being bombarded by beeps and honks and exhaust smoke. Honk if you're excited!

Check out their Facebook page here.