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The Kind Market is the Local Online Marketplace Promoting Eco-Friendly Products

The Kind Market is a local online store providing a range of eco-friendly products ranging from sustainable fashion, to metal straws and reusable bottles and shopping bags.

the kind market

Eco-friendly products can often be seen as an inaccessible luxury in Egypt, but that's not necessarily the case. To fill the gap, Reem Makeen decided to launch her own online marketplace for eco-friendly products called The Kind Market. The Kind Market sells a wide collection of local and (a few) imported eco-friendly products, as well as products under its own brand. is portfolio boasts metal straws, reusable shopping bags to wallets made from banana waste, beeswax wrapping paper and more.


Long-lasting products are a large part of the market’s line-up, including bamboo toothbrushes and reusable cotton pads for make-up removers that can be used 1,000 times. “Our products are kind to you and kind to the environment”, founder Reem Makeen tells CairoScene, “We encourage reusable products over disposable products all the time.” Following their ethos, the marketplace put their products in eco-friendly packaging and aim to create “a guilt-free shopping experience” which encourages thoughtful waste management.

The Kind Market also regularly collaborates with local skincare brands to offer all-natural, organic skincare soaps, lotions and more, as well as with local artisans to promote homegrown, sustainable and environmentally-friendly products. “We don’t just sell products," Makeen adds. "We also create content on a regular basis to educate and raise awareness [on the importance of being environmentally conscious].”

To start your road to becoming environmentally-woke, head over to or DM them at their Instagram account

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