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The Science Gym is Egypt's First Scientific Sports Centre

This upscale Sheikh Zayed gym uses researched methods alongside cutting-edge technology to exponentially improve your health and fitness level.

The Science Gym (TSG) is the first scientific sports performance centre in Egypt, and they’re here to make sure every workout is *scientifically* the best you can get.

This upscale Sheikh Zayed gym uses cutting-edge, practically space age technology to exponentially improve your health and fitness level. Their international certified coaches and sports specialists work hand-in-hand with expert nutritionists to offer you a holistic fitness experience.

“TSG is built on evidence-based training, meaning, everything we do is backed up by scientific research,” TSG Marketing Manager, Bassem Husseiny tells #CairoScene. “Our fitness professionals don’t deliver a one size fits all program, they deliver individualized programs and classes based on goals, outcomes and expectations.“

Their jam-packed Ramadan schedule has something for everyone, and for every fitness level. The schedule includes ‘Little Warriors’ workout sessions for children, fluid yoga, and even ballet sessions. If you’re looking for something a little more tailored for you, they offer an intensive four-week programme designed with a complete support system.

Still feeling a bit iffy about going to the gym? TSG is leaving no room for excuses. It’s bringing their fitness experience to you with their ‘Science @ Home’ programme.

“We are a SMART Gym, meaning you are digitally connected as a member through our TSG app,” Husseiny adds. “This includes MYZONE measuring your heart rate giving you instant feedback, measuring your power and how much strength you are putting out during your training through Keiser equipment.”

Using their TSG app, you can get personalized workouts that are designed specifically for you based on your fitness level and musculoskeletal condition, as well as full access to their online GX classes, bi-weekly online nutrition sessions and more.