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The Walk of Cairo: Egypt's Latest High-Street is Coming to Sheikh Zayed

With five international restaurants in Egypt for the first time, Cairo's newest luxurious high street will be catering to your every need.


The Walk of Cairo is Egypt's latest pedestrian high street. It's the place to be in the retail and dining scene, and it's coming to Sheikh Zayed with over 100 local and international retailers. The one-kilometre-long pedestrian wonderland is set to redefine the "high-street" experience that was almost exclusively found in European cities and bring the magic to Egypt.

Designed by Chicago-based architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill - one of the leading architecture firms in the world - the Walk of Cairo will serve Sheikh Zayed's current population of 2 million inhabitants.

A one-of-a-kind experience that is bound to become the hippest outdoor lifestyle destination, the Walk of Cairo, also known as the WOC, is said to become the Middle East's latest pedestrian high street, with the key elements found in leading high streets such as the Champs-Élysées and Oxford Street. With its completed construction and its modern appearance that can already be seen from the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, the WOC is set to open to the public in Spring of 2020 with leasable units ready for handover.

The award-winning layout will provide pedestrians with a unique take on the harmony between nature and human design. They will also experience distinct atmospheres between daytime and night, with the street transforming and taking on a new spirit with the passing of the hour.

The WOC is expected to hold five international restaurant chains that are making their debut in Egypt. It will also have a container food park, a state-of-the-art gym, a wellness centre and spa, and no shortage of shopping outlets and entertainment endeavours. You can marvel at nature's feathered miracles at the exotic Parrot and Peacock Sanctuary, or lose yourself in the Museum of Illusion, coming to Egypt for the first time. And can you imagine what an illusion pool is like? Neither can we, which is why it needs to be seen to be believed.

Pedestrians can take a break from shopping and go to one of the weekly events hosted at the amphitheatre, or hop on their outdoor super-trampoline. Once you've bounced yourself out and built an appetite for yourself, you can check out the restaurants on display.

Paving the way for more tenants to set up their projects in the soon-to-be renowned Walk of Cairo are five of the most fashionable fine dining experiences, coming to Cairo straight from London and Beirut for the first time.

With more than 70 restaurant branches worldwide, the iconic Japanese Sushi and Steakhouse, Benihana will be adding Egypt to its list and giving us the chance to witness the spectacle of stylish sushi creation first-hand.

“The choice to open in Walk of Cairo was the right one for us. We always open in high streets; I can never imagine coming out of Lily’s or Seray or L’Avenue and finding myself in a five-story mall," owner of the Lebanese franchises Pierre Ziadeh said.

From Solidere Beirut, Lily's Cafe is a first-of-its-kind in Cairo bakery and restaurant that is bound to become our new favourite breakfast spot, offering fresh treats as early as 7AM.

Redefining the fine dining experience is L'Avenue, also from Solidere Beirut. "In one plate you can have French, Italian and Asian flavours. It’s very important that we don’t have a fixed carte or menu," Head Chef Jerome said. "We’re always excited when we open a new restaurant, especially when it's in a new country.”

Head Chef Ghassan of Seray, the renowned Lebanese Brasserie that holds fresh seafood as their strong suit, said, “It’s important for us to be present in a high street with nice architecture alongside like-minded businesses. It’s also important for us to find a place sharing our same values and concerns.”

Sushi and Asian locale, Kampai, will also be joining the fine dining revolution taking place at the Walk of Cairo, armed with their special live entertainment. “We’re excited about finally going to Egypt, and being part of a project of this literal and conceptual size and magnitude," Kampai Owner Henry Farah told us.

And to ensure you're always feeling and looking your best, Core - Egypt's newest and most advanced health and fitness club with a huge following of active clients - is already up and running, currently offering classes and personal training.

This is all just the beginning. With each high-end venue and classy locale you see, it will be clear that Egypt will come to redefine the very concept of the high-street. You don't need to know where you're going; you'll always find your way at the Walk of Cairo.