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There Is a New Surf School in Sahel and It’s Totally Rad

You won’t be admiring them from afar anymore because now you have the chance to actually BE that surfer dude/dudette!

We’ve all crushed on that one surfer dude or dudette at some point in our lives. Sigh... We admired (even worshipped, in some cases) their passion for large quantities of H2O. Well, guess what? You won’t be admiring them from afar for much longer because now you have the chance to actually BE that surfer girl/boy. Right here. In Egypt. Yes, you read right. Surfing school in Egypt is now a thing, and it's only a stone's throw away in the North Coast. 

Hazem Hosny, co-founder of Surf School Egypt, told us the school began as “a group of friends teaching other friends how to surf,” eventually that expanded to teaching their friends’ kids, and then to anyone interested in learning the sport. “We want this sport to be around and for everyone to know about it. And it’s really fun,” he tells us.

Hosny also added that their surfers of all ages come out of their programme having really understood the water. As they're expanding, Surf School Egypt is now updating their programme to cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers of all ages, granted they know how to swim. Omar El Fobky, co-founder of the school, added that they're “trying to get people hooked on the sport” since as he puts it, “we have excellent quality waves here in Egypt."

When we asked about the school's spirit, El Fobky said that besides it being fun, exciting, and obviously new to the country, it also promotes "that surfer spirit", of which teamwork, acceptance, and collaboration are all pillars.

So, as summer is finally here, we're packing our bags. Because Sahel is about to get real gnarly. And yes, joining Surf School Egypt would normalise your use of surfer jargon like ‘gnarly’, ‘rad’ and ‘stoked’ sans the usual eye-rolls. Or maybe not. But hey, it wouldn’t hurt to try. Plus, being a surfer would give you some serious street cred among your 6IX Degrees pals. Or your playground pals rather, if you’re underage.

Check out their Instagram page @surfschoolegypt for details on where they’ll be located this summer!