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These 5 Powerful Local Platforms Empower Women by Educating Them About Their Bodies and Sexuality

Bringing awareness to the little-discussed subject of sexual health, these five Arabic platforms empower women to learn more about their bodies and health.

Sexual and reproductive health is a topic often discussed behind closed doors, with veiled euphemisms hidden behind double meanings. But there are a few fearless female-focused platforms willing to tackle these topics head-on. Dedicated to empowering women by educating them about their bodies, their fertility and their sexuality, we’ve compiled some of the platforms most worthy of your attention.


This online initiative aims to normalize sexual education as a subject of conversation amongst Arab women, sharing necessary information about protection, birth control, and sexual health in Arabic in an effort to help those with limited resources. Follow them on IG and FB to learn more.


Launched by doula Nour Emam, this blog discusses everything from fertility, pregnancy, birth, motherhood and issues such as FGM. Emam not only separates facts from rife fictions, she outright celebrates the beauty of womanhood.


Written in Arabic and English, Niswa advocates for body literacy and awareness on reproductive health. Head to their website, or book a private consultancy session.


This motherhood support platform talks about navigating pregnancy and being a new mom, and has even opened up a complex for mothers called @getyourcloud. For more, follow them on IG and FB.


What first began as a Facebook group called ‘Confessions of a Married Woman’ has since developed into a fully-fledged educational site on all things reproductive health and sex ed. The original group has over 64,000 members. Visit them on