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Egypt's First Online Department Store Is a One-Stop Shop for Everything You Need

Because we don’t have enough muscle to carry 400 bags around a mall.

We often find a cute top on one site, then a bean bag we want on another site, then shoes we need on a completely different site and pray to God all three sites ship to our country. If they do, the shipping fee is absolutely merciless.

Shopping option 2? Go to shittystars and spend hours in fitting rooms we hate, in front of mirrors that trick us into thinking we’re skinnier than we really are, as curious strangers glimpse through the curtain that won’t close and stare at us trying to squirm into size 2 jeans. You buy the clothes, the bean bag, the shoes; and end up carrying your own body weight worth of products while sweating like a whore in church and falling over in public. Good times.

Whatever you’re after, you’ll probably find it at Sheyaka by SHE, Egypt's first online department store; they've got everything from bags, beauty products, and laptop tables, to camera straps, swimwear, and scented candles.Founded earlier this year, Sheyaka has one very unique aspect to it - it only offers Egyptian brands. "Everyone in this world wants to be the first at something - being Egypt's first online department store is definitely something we will carry gracefully and proudly for the rest of our lives. We wanted to prove to the rest of the world what Egyptian designers have to offer and help promote their talents," say the ElGhor sisters, Lena and Yousra, the founders of Sheyaka.
We’re in love with their funky notebooks and they've also got the cutest baby clothes (some of which you can even customize) and genuinely the coolest home and office accessories – you know the type of things we forget even exist but are super handy, like a book shelf on wheels, a little remote-control organizer, or a glass table with built-in slots for wine which we clearly need in our lives ASAP. Many of us have given up on buying the ever-so-expensive painting, but Sheyaka offers a wide range of prices on very stunning pieces of art.They feature a myriad of local brands, such as J's Editions, ZM Collections, Casa, Designology, Saya Swimwear, Nour’s Art, Odd Behaviour, and The Sahara Collection, and many, many more. So the next time you're too lazy to get off the couch (which is always) but you're in need of some retail therapy (which is always), you know where to go...
Click here to check out Sheyaka's website, and here to check out their Instagram account