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This Incredible Study Proves Why Egyptians Desperately Need to Sleep More

In light of World Sleep Day this Friday, Bupa Global have released statistics from a recent sleep survey conducted among Egyptians explaining our sleeping habits and why a majority of the nation needs more of it.

It’s World Sleep Day on Friday, March 17th, and a recent study explains why, Egyptians in particular, need a lot more of it as it turns out our sleeping habits are terrible. 

Sleep is the most important thing in the world, and if you don’t get it you may as well just die since you’re already walking around the office looking like a post-apocalyptic zombie. Only it’s worse because you’re also in a horrible mood.

It's simply not fair that only 19% of the Egyptian population get enough sleep every night, while the other 81% of us try to overdose on caffeine with no real improvement because we’ve become completely tolerant to its effect.

Bupa Global have delved into the sleeping habits of Egyptians in a survey conducted between February and March 2017, which showed that 25 percent of those, who don’t sleep properly, are under large levels of stress and 20 percent are worried about issues related to their households.

Most Egyptians are getting 1-2 nights of poor sleep per week, with Saturday night being the worst sleep night (probably because you know you really want the weekend to continue!). Now it seems that 90 percent of Egyptians surveyed bring this upon themselves; with 64 percent checking work emails right before bed.In terms of how much sleep Egyptians get every night, 12 percent get five hours or less (how do you even function?), 69 percent get between five to eight hours of sleep, and of course, the heroes, the ones who probably aren't even real, the 19 percent who get more than eight hours of sleep.  
Now that we’ve thrown a shit ton of statistics at you, here’s pretty much what you need to know: Sleep should have the same priority in your life as food (and, ahem, exercise), sleep is important for mental and physical health, it can help your immune system, as well as cardiovascular issues. So, next time you get sick, ask yourself; did I really need to read that stupid work email before I slept?

The Bupa Global research officially recommends that in order to get a decent sleep we should; not exercise close to bedtime, put away technology, sleep in cool temperatures, have a regular bedtime, take short naps – 45 minutes (not those five hour oops-I-drifted naps), and remember no caffeine at least six hours before bed.There you have it always-lethargic-tired-sleepy-humans, most Egyptians share your disorientation. So take it upon yourselves to dedicate this Friday to getting a decent sleep.

*We are not doctors, information based on Bupa press release. If you have serious concerns, please consult a specialist.

Main image: Mohamed Atef.