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This Initiative Wants Your Trash: 'Greenish' Is Turning Plastic Into Art and Fashion

Send them your plastic bags and they'll turn them into fashionable accessories.

We all have that one hidden corner in the kitchen that’s filled with a ridiculous amount of empty plastic bags that we horde for future use. That pile of bags only ever keeps getting bigger, because we horde way more than we could possibly use, so it just sits there, gathering dust, long forgotten. Ugh. And while Egypt currently has initiatives like Upfuse, who create beautiful bags by recycling plastic bags, there still remains a severe lack of activity in helping the environment, which we all know needs all the help it can get. One initiative is looking to change that.
Greenish is an Egyptian project that aims to create art out of plastic, and educate people in the process. The project hosts a number of workshops tailored for different age groups, with the aim of using art to promote environmental awareness. The workshops range from storytelling, recycling, home planting, drama and theatre. Greenish also produce and sell a wide variety of fashionable items made entirely from recycled plastic, ranging from wallets, coasters, pencil cases and even jewellery. So much so, that they're now asking the public to send them their extra plastic bags. Believing that access to art education is a right not a luxury, Greenish also aims to promote social change by dedicating 25% of the workshop and product revenues to fund workshops, performances and grants in underprivileged communities in Egypt.
For more on the initiative and how you can send them your plastic bags, head to the Greenish Facebook page.