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This Egyptian All-Natural Skincare Brand is The Cutest Thing We've Seen in a While

Charming new brand, Urban Ducks, is making high quality, natural cosmetics which are all free from animal-testing and sold at an affordable price - a rare sight in Egypt!

It is an unfortunate fact that the global market is saturated with cosmetic products containing toxic chemicals which pose a significant health risk to consumers. Due to a lack of information and sneaky methods of concealing these substances – harmful elements often go by a myriad of complex scientific names and who the fuck knows what sodium polymethacrylate is? – buyers are simply unaware of this. Whereas companies in many countries provide transparency in the production process and use natural, good quality, ethically-sourced ingredients in their products, most in Egypt have not yet caught on – and animal testing remains a problem. For the health and environment-conscious consumer, this can really ruffle some feathers.

Nevertheless, natural, cruelty-free, eco-friendly products represent a small - albeit growing - proportion of the market in Egypt. New local brand Urban Ducks makes a welcome addition to the scene, presenting sensuous products in a variety of delicious flavours that will treat your skin and keep it smelling yummy – without knocking years of your life.
Birds of a Feather

Urban Ducks’ co-founder Nouran Tawfik tells us that the brand began with four creative, health-conscious friends (Nermeen Ezzat, Rimon Kaldas, and Omar El Nawawy) looking to raise awareness about the benefits of natural cosmetic products and to fill a gap in the market. “We began creating products at home and put a lot of effort into creating a cool brand. Not only is there a lack of natural, high-quality skincare products on the market, but in the current economic climate, we wanted to create something affordable, which is therefore accessible to the widest proportion of customers.”   

Straying from the nest

The company currently makes body lotions, butters, and a particularly delectable coffee scrub, and it is now looking to both expand its skincare range and to begin producing hair products. “What we really focus on when considering the ingredients for new products,” Nouran tells us, “are the benefits of each essential oil. All of our products contain them, and we make sure to use all-natural oils that are well-known for their advantages.” Jasmine, for example, which is used in the Shea and Jasmine Body Lotion and the Jasmine Body Butter, is famous for its therapeutic aroma, and is not only deeply nourishing but boosts sensuality. 

Finding the Golden Egg

Urban Ducks products can be bought from the company’s website, which delivers throughout Egypt. In addition, they can be found on, as well as in Bloom Pharmacy, which has stores in Cairo, and The Two Twenty – a popular yoga and holistic wellness studio in Alexandria. We are sure that these vibrant, tasty products will have people flocking to try them! Yes, we just went there. No, we're not sorry.

You can check them out on Instagram @urbanduckscosmetics.