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This New Egyptian Kids Fashion Brand Will Have Your Child Looking Funky Fresh This Summer

Because you can never be too young to unleash your inner fashionista, LALA KIDS Clothing will ensure every child looks fresh and fabulous.

Is it just us or is there a lack of variety when it comes to kids clothing in Egypt? Perhaps these companies think that children don’t really care what they throw on because they’ll be rolling around in some mud later on. But truth be told, you’re never too young to start being a fashionista! And if we actually DO find cute clothes for the little ones, they’re either ridiculously over priced or the quality is rubbish. That’s why Sarah Rashad took matters into her own hands and created LALA KIDS Clothing and the designs are so damn funky!

“The idea came to me precisely when I went [clothes] shopping for my daughter and literally couldn’t find anything to get her,” Rashad tells us. Rightfully so! In collaboration with her mother and two-year-old daughter, Rashad began to come up with designs for boys and girls that both mothers and kids would equally love. “[We] have a passion for quirky minimalism and an obsessive eye for detail - including the two-year-old who was the actual trigger that provoked us to unleash Lala land to the world,” Rashad shares.

The latest Spring Summer collection is titled Tropilicious and was designed with an “exotic world where there is a clear blue sky, a crystal clear beach, and white hot sand,” in mind, Rashad tells us. We’d also like to be surrounded with pink flamingos, toucans, and cockatoos on a tropical island somewhere in the world. But perhaps the closest we’ll ever get to that is having the kids around us dressed like a tropical island from LALA KIDS.  

All of the magical pieces from LALA KIDS are designed exclusively and in small numbers. “The designs have attitude and a mind of their own!” Mama Rashad enthuses. But this doesn’t strike as a bad thing necessarily, especially considering that all of the garments are made using the finest quality materials that Egypt has to offer, and are also produced locally. Win win!

Check out part of their collection below! 


Check out LALA KIDS Clothing on Facebook and Instagram. You can also visit POP-UP SHOP in Downtown or find their creations at Sane in Zamalek. 

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