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This Time it’s Personal

This week, Sally tells us about her new one-woman show and rebutting the rebuttal with her first ever "hate-mail"...

In case you haven’t been around, here’s what you missed:

I announced last week that I had begun work on my very first, very own one-woman show called Controversially Contrary, which pretty much deals with everything that frustrates me about society and its distorted perceptions of women and women’s issues. It wasn’t an easy feat, but I found that everything sort of spilled out of me when I decided to put pen to paper, which is a good thing, I suppose, because for me to harbour such feelings and still function, more or less, in society, I had two options: find a creative outlet or become an alcoholic junkie. I opted for the former…

Although, when it comes to the inner workings of that gooey thing in my skull, I like to quote the fabulous and bizarre Salvador Dali: “I don’t do drugs; I AM DRUGS!” What can I say? I relate all too well to this statement. Anything closely resembling a psycho-altering drug in my system, even in the smallest quantities, would be an immediate overdose and so abstinence, I find, works very well for me.

Anyway, last week, I released the opening monologue of my play entitled Getting to Know You…I Mean Me exclusively for my friends here at CairoScene and the responses were overwhelming. I had all sorts of fan-mail and, very importantly, my first ever piece of hate-mail! Okay, so it wasn’t really hate-mail, (I’m a drama queen…sue me); it was more a rebuttal piece and it was written by Rami Boraie, who I apparently fucked off massively with my allegedly sweeping generalizations of EVERY SINGLE MAN IN THE WORLD.

It was all friendly and done in good-spirit and I can handle a difference in opinion, but honestly, I couldn’t just leave it there. There’s nothing I love more than a good debate so, as promised Rami, here is my rebuttal to your rebuttal of my rebuttal to societal bullshit. I hope this clears things up…

So you read my piece and only one thing stood out.

A detailed account of sexual flings around town…

Dare I say, you missed the point, and accused me of generalizing;

I think you may need some time to do more research and analyzing

Into the piece that I wrote that offended you so

Because it’s not about my sex life, I’ll have you know.

It’s not an account either of every man I’ve encountered,

It’s not an attack, a diatribe and it’s not about a shift of domineering power.

It’s just an introduction for those who don’t comprehend,

That unless we love and empower women, we’ll hit a dead-end.

This is not a poem of hate or me lifting you the finger;

I’m not calling you Neanderthals incapable of being thinkers!

I’m requesting your help and letting you see me

Because I’m tired of fighting alone; this is a plea!

 I love men that love women and grant them respect;

When you see through our laughter and the tears that we’ve wept,

And you’re willing to fight anyone who would label and reduce

Women and make them the constant subjects of abuse!

I know not all men in the world are absolute fuckheads;

If that’s what you think I wrote; then sorry but you misread,

Not just my words, but my innermost intentions,

To stop alienating you and dispel any tension

That radical and angry feminists have proliferated

Where they’ve put you down to make themselves feel more liberated!

I am declaring this and will say so until forever,

We need to work collectively if all of our endeavours

Are going to succeed; if we’re going to make wrongs right

I am sick of distorted perceptions; of the seeming lack of sight

From everyone these days, should feminism be even mentioned,

You immediately run away; full of disgust and apprehension.

Is it possible that you judged me before giving me a chance?

That you immediately took up a shield; a defensive stance

Because you’ve read far too many ‘anti-male’ poems

Full of hatred, resentment and other negative emotions?

You only perceived sex and my call for sexual liberation!

That I’m calling you not judge me for my erotic temptations.

That I’m asking you to not to care and to turn a blind eye

Every time I meet a potential partner that’ll show me a good time.

You said you didn’t care who I fucked or who fucked me

About who undid my blouse, who got me on my knees!

You say you don’t care; but you only talked about sex

And to be honest, that is what has me so perplexed!

You read about my bits and didn’t mention the part,

Where I asked you to see my mind and my heart!

If you already see that, then that’s great! Job done!

You may think this kind of message is redundant and overdone.

But there are many other men, who only see my physique,

And then call me BITCH, when I dare to speak

And be opinionated and be fucking loud

About the injustices that go on and are allowed.

We live in a world where rape is hardly covered by the media

Although it happens everywhere: In Tahrir, in India, In Syria.

The reason for that is that, to some, women are simply a hole to fill

Good for nothing more than a few minutes or a temporary thrill.

So excuse me when I say, it’s much bigger than me or you;

I speak the way I speak because of my world view,

And the amount of conversations I’ve had with so many women,

And how they changed me when I took a moment to listen.

It’s not about me fucking everything in sight and asking for your permission;

I am trying to bridge a gap and overcome our divisions.

That is why I thought introductions were fitting,

Because our perceptions of each other are preventing us from living

In love and acceptance as we were meant to live from the start;

I just want you to know, that is all I am trying to impart.

Okay, well, I think that pretty much says it all. Glad we were able to clear that up. Thank you, Cairo and good night.

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