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This Unique Egyptian Home Accessories Brand Will Change the Way You Look at Concrete

Architect by day, concrete product maker by night, Loaii Hossam aims to revolutionize the modern handicraft profession and art scene by introducing concrete to the mix.

LH Concrete Products

When one thinks of concrete, the mind immediately goes to a grey, grim heaviness, clunky machinery and a very specific purpose. Founder of LH Concrete Products, Loaii Hossam, however, aims to do is change the perception around it by approaching the new minimalist wave creatively and using a modern design approach to create surprisingly elegant and chic home accessories.

“Using concrete creatively is really popular in Europe, but isn’t as supplied as much as it is here in Egypt," Hossam tells CairoScene. "So with my background in architecture and my love for product design, I thought why not? God created us unique, and I believe that everyone thought outside the box and tried to beautify the ordinary, it will help us grow as a society.”

This is how he came up with his slogan, 'Be Unique, You Deserve It'.

A one-man-show based in  a small workshop near his home, Hossam starts the process by brainstorming and sketching the designs, then calculates the proportions, does some 3D modeling, then uses a silicone mold to spill his mix in. It hardens, and voila.

“I’ve spent two years working on this project, and after an intense trial and error journey, I finally came up with a special concrete mix that works, and launched two months ago,” Hossam says. “Since I can’t just use normal concrete because it will eventually crack, I mix it with fibers and other [secret] ingredients so it could withstand humidity, dust and water affecting the final product and is durable long-term.”

Products range from ashtrays and chess sets to flower pots and desk accessories in all shades of grey. He also takes custom orders from clients and is expanding to furniture design soon; from lighting units to tables.

The concept of minimalism and minimalistic design, he says, has only lately started to become understood and appreciated in Egypt, so that also played a positive role in his launching now at the right time.

You can find LH Concrete Products on Instagram and Facebook