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Top 10 Football Transfers

Our resident football buff Mohamed Ashraf talks us through transfer season.

Summer may mean the beach for some and it might mean travelling for others, but for people like me, summer means transfer season. Each year, by the end of May, football fanatics like myself start making wish lists of the players they want at their clubs, and slowly, towards the end of summer, they start marking that list off, either elated or disappointed. The transfer market is also the time where fans refer to 25 million euros as spare change, just before they jump back to the reality of begging their friends for cigarette money.

I’ve rounded up the best 10 transfers confirmed so far as well as 5 on going transfer rumors.

10 - Paulinho (Corinthians) should be a great buy for Tottenham Hotspurs if he doesn't freeze in London.

9 - Andre Schurrle (Bayern Leverkusen) is a German who will bring lots of pace and beer for Chelsea FC.

8 - Henrikh Mkhitaryan (Shakhtar Donetsk) heads to Borussia Dortmund. It's the ones who you can't pronounce their name who really surprise you.

7 - Mario Gomez (Bayern Munich) is a quality player who moved to the average Fiorentina. Obviously tempted by the Italian girls.

6 - Gonzalo Higuain goes to Napoli. Bargain buy in the Real Madrid clearance.

5 - Isco (Malaga) is a great signing for Real Madrid's future but will be a bench warmer next year.

4 - Dortmand's Mario Gotze went from hero to villain just like that, by moving to arch enemies Bayern Munich

3 - Edison Cavani (Napoli) and Ibrahimovic are too strong for Ligue 1 but I'm sure that Cavani's signing to PSG will see them conquer Europe.

2 - Radamel Falcao goes from Athletico Madrid to AS Monaco. Yes, he sold his soul for money, but can you blame him?

1 - Neymar leaves Santos for *gasp* Barcelona. The prospect of him forming an partnership with Messi is frightening.

Here are the top five transfer rumors at the moment and  whether I think these deals are likely to happen or not:

5 - Marouane Fellaini to Arsenal (50-50)

4 - Cesc Fabregas to Manchester United (Unlikely)

3 - Wayne Rooney to Chelsea (Likely)

2 -  Luis Suarez to Arsenal (Likely)

1 - Gareth Bale to Real Madrid (Not happening, this year at least)