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Top Problems of Working in Social Media in Egypt

Like it or not, social media is its own industry now. Here are some of the top problems faced in Egypt by our colleagues over at MO4Network...

Explaining your job to your friends and family is impossible:

You: I manage social media for a brand.

Friends and Family: So what do you do exactly?

You: I run the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for a brand.

Friends and Family: Beto3od 3al Face ya3ny!

When your friends think you go to events and have fun all the time...

This might get you fired.

You're never on your own account because you handle too many.

You always know where Hadia Ghaleb is... 


This is your nightmare:

You send your friends and coworkers emails asking them to like a Facebook page to secure a URL.

You get so excited and fangirl and feel accomplished when a celebrity tweets about your brand.

We don't care either, Haifa....

When you accidentally Instagram a post with a grammatical error in the caption then everyone immediately corrects you and you want to just die.

And then you accidently post your weird selfie picture to a prestigious client's account and you don't have signal to delete it and your whole life flashes before your eyes.

You want to steal an Ashraf Hamdi picture but he has his watermark on it.


Even though you want to jump off Kasr El Nil bridge most of the time because of your job, you still do love it.