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#UberSOHOOR Will Be Delivering Late Night Delights from Zooba to Your Crib

Summon your UberSOHOOR vehicle and they will deliver all of Zooba’s favourites to your dungeon whether you’re in Cairo or Alexandria.

We’re very lucky in Egypt to have mass delivery across almost every food category. In fact, some places will ONLY deliver and they don’t actually have a space for you to go, sit, and eat. There aren’t many places in the world that can offer this, but of course Egyptians are super spoiled when it comes to food that we still complain about it. We guess the grass is always greener.

Have you ever ordered from Zooba in Ramadan? The popular food chain is so good that it feels like half of the Egyptian population try to order delivery all at once, and so it takes an average of nine lives and a quantum shift before your it's your turn to revel in their delicious creations (we're looking at you, pickled beets and lemon taamia sandwich. Yes you). But you put up with it and wait our turn because it's the adult thing to do. Uber Egypt, it seems, hears our light howls! They know that ain’t nobody got time for quantum shifts during Ramadan so they’ve teamed up with Zooba to bring you UberSOHOOR.

Just like last year, on the 14th of June an UberSOHOOR vehicle will show up on the application giving you command to summon an Uber with all of your favourites from Zooba. Be wise and plan ahead because the magic only happens between 11:00 pm and 2:30 am. And you know where else the magic also happens? Alexandria! We know the Alexandrians envy Cairenes because of our possession of all of the good stuff, but now Uber Egypt has made it their mission to give them a taste of Zooba so they know what the hype is all about.

At a discounted price, when you summon your Uber, you will get food for two people (or just you because what the heck are portions anyway?). Alexandrian ful, shakshouka, eggplant taamia, pickled lemon taamia, harissa taamia, hummus, salad, pickled cherry tomatoes, bread chips, and qombela dessert. We’re probably going to start fasting from now. 

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