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Verge Climbing is Egypt's First Indoor Bouldering Centre

Bouldering moves into Cairo with Verge Climbing, Egypt's first indoor bouldering facility at Club S Allegria in Sheikh Zayed, which will have its grand opening on March 26th.

Egypt is a haven for hikers and climbers with the Sinai offering up some truly stunning terrain. Driving out to the desert of an evening or even every weekend is hardly practical however even for the most die-hard of enthusiasts. Well, brand new bouldering facility ‘Verge Climbing’ is on the verge of making it easy to get some climbing in at a moment’s notice with a state-of-the-art facility in Cairo.

Created by Nora Kafafi – one of the founders of the brilliant Basecamp in Ain al Sokhna – Verge Climbing will be opening up in Club S Allegria in Sheikh Zayed this Friday March 26th. It features wide climbing walls with different sections colour-coded according to their difficulty.

The facility hosts different sets of classes designed for people of all ages and abilities. You can either buy a day pass and go climbing with no restrictions whenever you want (with an instructor assigned to spot you, of course - simulated rock climbing is still rock climbing), or register in advance for a workshop where you will be coached on specific climbing techniques. Verge will also serve as a community hub, with a youth centre for students to study, express themselves, or rehearse for their big shows. Like minded climbers can also come together to attend Verge’s slew of events, from outdoor photography and open mic nights, to sports and adventure talks.

"Climbing is an incredible sport, practiced in places like Dahab and Sinai. We couldn't be happier to bring a facility inside Cairo to make this sport accessible to anyone interested in giving it a try," Kafafi tells #CairoScene. "We are so proud to play a small part in bringing adventure and climbing closer to home for everyone to enjoy."

Everyone is invited to join their special launch event on March 26th, which will include an art corner by Art Cafe, a yoga sesh by Farah Ehsan, and a live musical performance by Glass Onion. You don’t have to be an S Club member to join in and it’s free to enter. So basically you’ll need to come up with your own reasons not to go. For bookings and inquiries, you can call +20 127 040 1001.