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Watch US Rapper Russ Take in the Sights and Sounds of Egypt as Part of Sahel Concert

Cvents' debut gig was....HUUUGGEEE.

Watch US Rapper Russ Take in the Sights and Sounds of Egypt as Part of Sahel Concert

In what was one of the biggest gigs of the summer, US rapper, Russ, took to the stage in front of a sell-out crowd of over 9,000 people, with a performance that took over social media and was described by the New Jersey native as a ‘life-changing experience’ – one that we get to see a glimpse of in ferocious new video that documents his time in ‘Om El Donya’.

“I have no ties to Egypt. I’m not from Egypt, so you have no reason to like me except for my music and I want to thank you all for that,” the rapper said to the crowd at the end of the gig, before shouting “I love you Egypt,” and promising to be back soon.

As the debut event by Cvents, the gig took place in New Alamein City – at Al Masah Hotel’s new venue, Music Arena, to be exact. From the powerhouse production to the seamless organisation, the new company has certainly set standards high for its future. The agency takes on every facet of an events on every level, including event production and management, marketing and PR, as well as documentation and analysis, which captures and evaluates each and every moment and feature of any given event to ensure a consistent top-notch experiences.

In announcing their arrival with one of the hottest gigs of 2019 with one of the hottest rappers in the US right now, we can’t wait to see what comes next from Cvents. But beyond simply hosting a world-class event, Cvent's intentions go deeper, as Mahmoud Youssef, one of the co-founders of the agency, reveals.

"We wanted to do this for Egypt, to show not only that the country is safe and evolving, but to also show that we can bring the biggest names," he says proudly. "We think we can really contribute to elevating what tourism means, because it's not just about Pyramids and temples."

"Look at something like New Alamein City, where we held the concert, and its new venues," the other co-founder, Amr Sameh, added. "It's just as important to promote these new places as modern hotspots, in Sahel, the country and the whole region."

Stay tuned to their Instagram and Facebook for more.

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