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Weird Arabic Proverbs

Arabic is a difficult language. Even more confusing are our nonsensical sayings. We translate some of them to demonstrate...

El tikraar ye3alem el-7omaar - Repetition teaches a donkey.

El 2erd fe 3ein ommo ġhazal - In his mother’s eye, the monkey is a gazelle.

La yuldagh el-mo2men min go7r marretein - The believer is not bitten from the same hole twice.

Labbis el-buusa, teb2a 3aroosa - Dressing up a stick turns it into a bride.

Ibn el-wezz 3awwam - The son of a goose is a swimmer.

Ba3d ma shaab wadoo el-kuttaab - After his hair went white, he went to school.

3eryan el-too2 beynott le-foo2- Someone without a collar tries to jump up.

Iza kaan habeebak 3asal, matil7asoosh kollo - If your friend is honey, don't lick it all.

In sara2t, isra2 gamal, wa in 3eshe2t, e3sha2 amar - If you steal, steal a camel, and if you love, love the moon.

Dekhoul el 7amaam mish zai khorogo - Entering a bathroom isn't like leaving it.