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What's Your Levi's Curve ID?

Denim pros Levi's invited us over for a special fitting using their Curve ID technology to find the perfect pair for our individual body-types. Find out how the CairoScene girls re-discovered their booties...

Investing in a good pair of jeans is like investing in…actually, there is no comparison. Good jeans can do wonders for your appearance; they can boost up that ass, slim your thighs, lengthen your legs, NOT let your love handles roll out in layers of lumpy flesh… They are miracle workers. That’s our opinion and we’re sticking to it. Now actually finding miracle-working jeans is a whole other matter.

Because we women come in all different shapes and sizes, finding that perfect pair is a task of Herculean proportions. You know when they fit just right at your waist but then hang loose by your butt, making you look like your ass is non-existent? Or when they fit your thighs like a balloon fits trapped air but there’s that awkward gaping space at your waist? Yeah, finding good jeans is hard but luckily, Levi’s heard our worldwide complaints as females and with their new Curve ID technology, have created jeans that are meant to fit every woman, with every body type, perfectly. We CairoScene gals got invited to a personal fitting at their store, and, always in search of good jeans, we made our way over there to find out what all the fuss was about.

Essentially, to get your perfect size, the Levi’s crew give you a little test to find your perfect Curve ID fit. Don’t sweat it, there are no wrong answers. It just helps them determine how your butt (which they’ve delicately labelled ‘seat’ but we have no filter), waist, hips, and thighs work in relation to each other. You pick between a few answers on a nifty little wheel thing (below), they measure you, and then you start trying on jeans. Basically, you fit into one of three categories; Slight Curve (tomboyish figure, flat ass), Demi Curve (the most proportionate of the lot), or Bold Curve (think Beyonce-type booties).

And while most jeans just lump all of us together (WE’RE NOT ALL THE SAME OKAY? WE ARE SPECIAL INDIVIDUAL SNOWFLAKES), Levi’s breaking down of different body types meant that each of us, with all our different figures, came out with a great fit. The ass-less among us emerged with a bum that would make J.Lo proud, and the ones who always have to wear belts to make their jeans fit found a pair that didn’t leave a strange gaping hole at the back! So the jeans not only fit you, like, generally, but have also been adapted to suit your specific body type. Everyone’s got their own size situation going on and every single one of us found a pair of jeans that didn’t make us want to rip our own hair out in the changing rooms, as is the usual when we go jeans shopping and every pair doesn’t fit quite right.

We suggest next time you need to find your perfect pair, that carry through from day to night, from work events, to casual outings, to drinks (because that truly is the magic of jeans), you head over Levi’s to find out your Curve ID. 

Get your perfect pair of Levi's at Cairo Festival City, CityStars, Mall of Arabia, Maadi City Centre, Grand Mall Maadi and Alexandria City Centre.