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When in Rome...

Excel Travel are at it again, this time with a brilliant offer for a six-day trip to the capital of all things fashion, food and fabulous females...

Right, when it comes to leaving our garbage-infested beautiful nation, we usually aim for a country that will provide us with all the naughty nocturnal shenanigans we've so been craving while being stuck in the city of smog and galabeyas. We will forgo all other things – sleep is of no importance – partying takes precedence. That and shopping of course; we do so love to end a trip paying through the nose for all that extra luggage weight that we inevitably ended up with because we couldn’t control our massive shopping addiction and proceeded to channel our inner khaleeji and to buy out every single store. Essentially some of our favourite countries to visit break down to one of those two things. Barcelona – partaaay! France – ooh la la the Champs Elysees and le shopping!

But when it comes to Italy, everything else can eff off; we will be eating like there is no tomorrow. It is going to be a literal feeding frenzy. Ah, the land of the foodies! The hometown of pizza! Pasta! Gelato! We fully intend on overdosing on mozzarella. We will eat more gnocchi than strictly necessary. We will polish off at least three bottles of wine with each and every meal. And by George Fernando we will stuff our faces with tiramisu. They may or may not need to book us a second seat on the plane back to Cairo because we will be too big to fit on a single one. On a side note, we're not entirely sure how Italian women remain svelte and thin and fashionable what with all the incredible food the country has to offer – it must be something in their DNA, some gene mutation that hasn’t reached Egypt yet. Fingers crossed we experience a similar mutation soon.

But anyway, the travel junkies that will be making all of this possible for us late this summer are they of the excellent packages; Excel Travel. The crew who also brought you an awesome Barcelona trip are now turning their sights to the city of sightseeing, sexy people, and food galore; Rome! The package includes six days in the city, from the 5th to the 10th of September, for only EGP 7,550. And that includes the flight and airport/hotel transfers (which definitely beats paying 100 Euros for a taxi to get you to your hotel, damn near crying as you see the meter go up, up, up, and you mentally calculate the exchange rate into Egyptian pounds) as well as taxes. We just so happen to love ready-made, pre-prepared packages. Your flight is sorted, your hotel is sorted, your life is sorted. You don’t have to struggle through hours of finding the cheapest flight and trying to find a central hotel because they’ve taken care of it for you. All you have to do is show up at the airport. With an empty stomach.

Food aside, we all know Rome's got almost as much history as Cairo. For all those culturally inclined people, you've got the Colosseum, and the Trevi Fountain (so totes Instagrammable by the way). You've got the Pantheon. But most importantly, you've got cannoli.

Now the thing about those Italians is, they have more in common with us Egybshans than you might think, such as a mutual love of extravagant hand gestures and also of living at a decibel level higher than the rest of the world. There's also…oh no, wait, that's it. Where our streets are lined with 3am Samirs they have Italian stallions, they have the Monica Bellucis of the world, we have, well, we have women. 

Anyway, if you love Monica-Belluci-looking women, history, culture, and food, then Rome is the place for you and Excel Travel is facilitating your trip over there. We suggest you get booking…

You can check out their Facebook page here, or head directly to the event page for the Rome package here.

For full details on the various packages at Excel click here.

You can follow Excel Travel on Twitter here, or on Instagram @ExcelTravel.