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Who I Follow: Christina Rizk

The German-Egyptian photojournalist is often called upon by international news agencies and high end publications to tell stories from behind the lens. But when she's not shooting, who does she follow on Instagram?

Photographer @ChristinaRizk has racked up the followers on her Instagram account consistently capturing images of everyday moments, things, and instances across the city and beyond. The brunette photowizard roams the streets, snapping shots that show different facets and elements of life in Egypt, and her Instagram feed reads like a visual diary of the country's story. A contributor for a number of the 'Everyday' Instagrams (Egypt, Middle East, and Africa) her shots often tie in with giving the outside world a glimpse of what the region is truly like. But when she's not busy being behind the lens of a camera, which accounts does she scroll through? 

@owiseabuzaid - Owise Abuzaid was one of the first Egyptian photographers I started following on Instagram. He sees beauty in simplicity and minimalism and introduces his followers to unseen places all over Egypt.



A photo posted by Owise Abuzaid (@owiseabuzaid) on

@dylanisbell - Dylan Isbell, a friend from college, makes amazing imagery from reflections in glass and water.



A photo posted by Dylan Isbell (@dylanisbell) on

@rdegive - I met Ramsey DeGive in college as well. On his Instagram account he documents quiet moments in nature, at home with his cats, and on assignment. He also photographs for, a portrait project giving insight into people’s lives by telling the story of their most treasured belongings.


A photo posted by ramsay de give (@rdegive) on


@joelgrothaus - Joel Grothaus is an extremely talented painter and friend. He is based in Detroit and posts samples of his work and life on Instagram.

@salmawyy - Salma Adel is a talented young photographer and product designer who shares her daily thoughts and images from Cairo and beyond.

@holyfarmer - Adam Powers, an American living in Sweden, sharing landscapes around him. A beautifully curated feed which will make you want to jump on a plane and escape to Sweden.


Wearing braids. Making pasta sauce. Listening to Tom T. Hall. in my underwear. Wearing a cowboy hat. Posting a pic.

A photo posted by Adam Powers (@holyfarmer) on

@theindigobunting - Erin Jang’s posts are mostly related to her son and his childhood and somehow remind me of Wes Anderson films.

@panchaoyue - Pan Chaoyue, a Chinese photojournalist currently in Cairo, shows this city in the best way possible - his images always impress me.


Church in downtown Cairo. #Everydayegypt #Everydaywhere #dailylife #Ramadan #street #photography #graffiti

A photo posted by Pan Chaoyue (@panchaoyue) on


@thefauxmartha - Melissa Coleman “designer by day, baker by night” posts clean, minimalist food shots of her creations in the kitchen. She also runs a blog with recipes.

@the69th - Anna Pavlova is a Russian portrait photographer. I mostly love the diversity and vintage feel of her feed.


Rainy day. Sweaters, coffee. Wind in my hair. Shooting for @flavourknit 🌾

A photo posted by A N N A⠀P A V L O V A (@the69th) on