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Who I Follow: Suzan Idris

The glamazon model has no shortage of fans and followers, as she books fashion shoot after fashion shoot as the local industry's latest obsession. But who does the model of the moment follow when she's flicking through Instagram?

Slender and statuesque, Sudanese-born Suzan Idris emerged on the modelling scene before she was even out of university and instantly started nabbing shoots and popping up on everyone's Instagram feeds. Her own account @shudbkushin is all silly selfies, family photos, and behind the scenes looks into the life of a model maven. So what accounts does she take the time to flick through? 
@batoolaldaawi - Every picture she posts makes me wonder what she saw in me to make me a model. Much love B. <3
@m_kojak - Even if we weren’t friends from the way-way back, every piece on his Instagram makes me wonder “What were you thinking, Hanood?” It's like he surprises me with every single post.
@sabyasachiofficial - Can you believe that there's someone out there that mixed India, Louboutins, and Baroque? Well to me that's the purest form of black magic and I had to fall in love.
@hadiaghaleb - Now that's ma girl who knows what she’s doing. #BOSSIN’
@cleoturbana - My home girl’s success is my success. A turbanista and a doctor there's definitely some #SudaneseReppin here. 

Isn&#39;t this the coolest thing ever!! Thank you @sudanese_gta , im inlove with it!

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@supercarfocusdotcom - A total guilty pleasure account. Even though I’m in love with my car, this account makes me drool like a kid. Every car on this account makes my engine rawr. 
@beautifuldestinations - Yes, yes, everybody is following this one, but hello, close your eyes and imagine yourself in any of these places - now that's something that makes me motivated to graduate and start jet-setting (Japan’s photos especially always catch my soul). 

Tokyo, Japan By: @gumuspusula Follow our Snapchat! 👻 BDestinations

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@thefatjewish - El ragel dah gayeb mel akher.
@cleanbandit - This is my ultimate fave band and this is how I keep up to date with their newest hits and news. I love when they post videos from their studio sessions.

Tokyo #Electrox

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@badgalriri - To me, Rihanna is my alter ego’s twin. 

BadGal x @Stancesocks

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