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Who I Follow: Tameem Youness

A guy that can make us laugh in 15 seconds or less, Tameem Youness tells us about some of his favourite Instagram accounts to follow, and why.

Funnyman Tameen Youness broke onto the scene with his hilarious YouTube videos. He very intellectually tackled some serious issues, such as the age old question of why Superman wears his underwear on top of his clothes. It was eye opening and worthy of prizes. The comedian then took his life over to the Instasphere @tameeyouness where he amassed over 10k worth of people wanting to stay tuned to his particular brand of humour. Anyway, when the comedian isn't busy bringing hilarity into people's lives, which accounts does he constantly check out?

@hefne - One of the most talented people I know; he makes pretty much everything. Highly entertaining profile. 

@abdulabouzeid - He has a really good eye. It's inspiring to check in from time to time. 

@fffizo - Every single frame he takes, even carelessly, is very designed. 


Concrete jungle #concrete #cairo #afternoon #city #cityscape #black #white #blackandwhite #lenka

A photo posted by Ahmed Hafez Youness (@fffizo) on

@shankspot - He takes pictures in the most amateurish but amazing way, and he takes you to very interesting places. 


A photo posted by Shank (@shankspot) on

@cschoonover - Well, because he's good. 


A photo posted by Chris Schoonover (@cschoonover) on

@rosiehw - Because I believe I deserve to watch her. 


Summer Loving 💚 Rosie For Autograph @marksandspencer 🍏🌴🌺 #RosieLingerie #RosieForAutograph

A photo posted by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (@rosiehw) on

@mohamedazab - Very low profile, but very interesting stuff to watch. 


A photo posted by Mohamed Azab (@mohamedazab) on

@alitwotimes - A great feed filled with awesome pictures, places, and stories.  


#golf #surfers #morocco

A photo posted by Ali Ali (@alitwotimes) on

@nadaaelt - Coz I...I...follow.


i put a ring on it ..

A photo posted by Nada Adel (@nadaadelt) on

@aishaalshabrawy - She takes her time to take a photo but she's never lazy to post. 


"you are the universe in ecstatic motion"

A photo posted by Aisha (@aishaalshabrawy) on